Power Lift Chair

Power Lift Chair

Lift chairs deliver both: comfort and health condition improvement. Lift chair is modern medical device designed to improve mobility, self-reliance and overall quality of life of the disabled, diseased or elderly persons. The chair enables individual verticalization of a user. It includes weigh relieving, stabilizing & relaxing functions, as an orthopedic, supportive aid wit rehabilitation characteristic. Although it looks like an ordinary furniture, lift chair cannot be treated as an average armchair. It is technologically advanced medical device designed to verticalize patient comfortably from lying to seating to standing position and in the opposite direction. The Lift chair verticalizes its user  through external, mechanical, independent action on joints and muscles, to induce passive movements of knees and hips. The device has patient’s position adjustment that works in 4 stages:  standing, seating, half-lying & lying. The chair can be used either at homes or at health care facilities. The product is useful for treatment of patients with following disfunctions:

Extensive paralysis & peresis of limbs

– Parkinson’s disease
– Multiple sclerosis
– After-stroke peresis
– Degenerative diseases of joints and spine

LC101 is equipped with 1 actuator which enables simultaneous adjustment of footrest and backrest angles.

Seat height49 cm
Seat depth49 cm
Seat width49 cm
Backrest height69 cm
Max. weight of a user170 kg
Number of actuators1

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