LG 2004 caterpillar stairclimber

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LG 2004 caterpillar stairclimber

LG 2004 caterpillar stairclimber

LG 2004 is a very popular stairclimber, appreciated by users in Poland. It was designed by Italian engineers utilizing the latest technologies. Thanks to its foldable brackets for wheelchair’s immobilization, LG 2004 takes less space during storage. It is possible to attach or to detach wheelchair from the device’s steering rod, without need to bend down. The device is equipped with innovative, retractable maneuvering wheel, which eliminates 2 wheel balancing  necessity with the product on flat surfaces (so typical for competitive stairclimbers). The device is additionally equipped with safety hip belt with car-style buckle, height adjustable headrest, indicator of stairs’ safe angle and an emergency STOP button.

Optional equipment includes: assembly platform for power wheelchairs or multifunctional wheelchairs, anti-tipping support, assembly brackets for extra-large wheelchairs etc.

Overall weight58 kg
– weight of the base module46 kg
– weight of the upper frame12 kg
Max. load130 kg (optionally 150 kg – 160 kg)
Motor power (traction + lifting)300W+40W
Overall dimensions144x67x99 cm
Min. width of stairs77 cm
Min. dimensions of maneuvering platform (L shaped)98×98 cm
Min. dimensions of maneuvering platform (U shaped)98×170 cm
Max. angle of stairs70% = (35°)
Max. speed (with fully charged batteries)15 stairs/minute
Batteries (x2)12V. 27A/h
Charging power parameters100+240V; 50-60Hz
Average range on fully charged batteries80 kg – 27 floors 130 kg – 22 floors
Range on reserve4 floors
Charging time8 hours
Storage temperature (in boxes, in dry spot)-10 – 50°C
Safe usage temperature range0-40°C
Dimensions of the box116x60x43 cm
Overall weight of packed up device75 kg
Noise level< 70 dB
Vibration level on push handles<2,5 m/s
Vibration level on body shroud< 0,5 m/s

LG 2004 stairclimber is also available in simplified, basic version without an optional possibility of power/special wheelchair platform installation.

Check out the differences between LG 2004 & LG 2004 (Basic):

Występuje także w wersji BASIC w kolorze białym lub czerwonym

Check out the differences between LG 2004 & LG 2004 (Basic):
LG 2004LG 2004 (Basic)
Weight of the rod12 kg9 kg
Overall weight58 kg44 kg
Caterpillar directional wheelsAluminumComposite
Maneuvering wheelsStandardNo
Charging socket locationRight side of base moduleRear side of base module
HeadrestAttached with adjustable bracketAttached with velcro
Assembly system of the steering rodUpper and lower end of the rod – additional leversLower part of the rod – no additional levers
Assembly system of a wheelchairFoldableRigid, non-foldable

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