Go Go Elite Traveller

Go Go Elite Traveller

GO GO Elite Traveller scooter is the easiest solution for your personal independence and comfort of your everyday travelling. GO GO scooters were specially designed for elderly people and for persons who are partly disabled, so they can easily fulfill their daily routines.

GO GO is a compact and agile scooter, very easy to maneuver, even in narrow spaces. Overall weight of the device, without batteries is below 40 kg. The scooter, almost without folding fits in to trunks of many cars which makes it very handy in transportation or travelling (e.g. for holidays, to a shopping center, to your recreational cottage, to a park or anywhere where your GO GO may be needed). Spinal or joints diseases, muscle pains, partial peresis, cardiac or venous problems won’t be a holdback anymore when going out for a walk or shopping.   GO GO delivers independence of daily moving around. Remember, GO GO can be taken anywhere and using it is pure fun and freedom. GO GO can be delivered in one of two versions: as a 4-wheeler or 3-wheeler. The most advanced model (GO GO Elite Traveller PLUS) has higher max. load capacity: 147 kg and loop shaped steering handle for easier  maneuvering.

Go Go TravellerGo Go Traveller Plus
Batteries2 x 12 V2 x 12 V, 17 Ah
Max. speed7 km/h7,5 km/h
Range16 km17,5 km
Max. inclination of slopes
Width100,3 cm102 cm
Weight without batteries34 kg39,5 kg
Weight of batteries9,5 kg13 kg
Max. weight of a user125 kg147 kg
Turning radius112 cm116 cm
Front wheels size8” – PU, puncture proof8” – PU, puncture proof
Rear wheels size9” – PU, puncture proof9” – PU, puncture proof
Ground clearance7,62 cm7,62 cm

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