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Thanks to almost twenty years of experience and highly qualified staff, we guarantee high and stable quality of offered products and services, professional and ethical customer service, assistance and advice optimal for the individual needs of each customer.

Our motto is: “setting new technical and quality standards on the Polish market”. The aim of the company is to satisfy the needs of customers by building long term relationships with them, offering products of the highest quality by using modern technologies and maintaining operational safety.

We reach our goals with:

  • employing persons with the necessary knowledge, qualifications and high practical skills, striving for continuous self-improvement;
  • using only proven suppliers of equipment, goods, materials and of services, that meet our quality requirements;
  • timely and reliable execution of our services;
  • continuous development of our offer by adding modern solutions and technologies, as well as adding highly specialized products with proven but exceptional technical and quality features;
  • a deep recognition of the disabled client’s needs and by adapting our offer to our customer’s expectations;
  • inspiring and direct supervising of the process of constant development of the company, its professional operation and improvement


The effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s operations is in constant focus of the entire management of Mobilex Sp. z o.o.



Aneta Fendorf

We are the exclusive distributor of following companies in Poland:

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