Shower chair & commode with tilt & headrest

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Shower chair & commode with tilt & headrest

Shower chair & commode with tilt & headrest

Shower & commode wheelchair with soft seat and backrest. For easy transfer of patient it is equipped with hinged, elevable armrests and detachable footrests which are also length adjustable. Aluminum frame and other materials used for production ensure high water resistance and long term endurance in daily usage. The wheelchair includes tilt in space functionality in -5° to +25° range. It is also equipped with headrest adjustable in height, depth and angle. The device has small rear wheels. All wheels include separate brakes. Product is also equipped with excrements bucket with lid and an overlay to cover the hygienic hole.

Optionally wheelchair can be supplied with 24” rear wheels with hand, parking brakes

Ask for our special offer of XL size in  50 cm seat width.

Seat width45 cm
Width between armrests48 cm
Overall width56 cm
Seat depth42 cm
Seat to floor height50-55 cm
Overall height97-141 cm
Weight15,1 kg
Max. weight of userdo 130 kg
Front & rear wheelsPU rubber, puncture proof
Front wheels diameter5”
Rear wheels diameter5”

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