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Softsleep orthopedic pillow

Softsleep orthopedic pillow

SoftSleep pillow is made of high density, open cell  PU foam called „Slow Foam” or „Memory Foam”. This material has unique characteristics: it reacts to body weight and temperature changes. When it is warmed up by heat of user’s body, it adjusts its shape to profile of user’s neck and head. Thanks to the molding it equalizes and reduces forces which work on neck and head during sleeping. It helps to eliminate headaches, neck pains, back pains. It also helps to prevent or fight insomnia. SoftSleep increases sleeping quality by far. Pillow’s cover is specially designed for this type of product. It not only helps to distribute body warmth, but it also has hygienic function. The fabric has anti-fungus and anti-bacteria characteristics.

The pillow is available in two shapes:
SoftSleep  & SoftSleep  Contour

Model, sizeDimensions (cm)Foam density
SoftSleep M50 x 30 x 950
SoftSleep L55 x 34 x 1250
SoftSleep Contour M50 x 30 x 1050
SoftSleep Contour L55 x 30 x 1250

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